DOES Ltd: business support for creative entrepreneurs

DOES Ltd supports black entrepreneurs by providing the skills needed to launch their businesses.

This programme is made up of three strands, each offering something unique to creative entrepreneurs. Read on to find out more…


Mentor Black Business

Gain advice and guidance from leading business experts by connecting with industry leaders using this unique platform. Once you complete your free registration, you can use the search feature to access the wide range of over 500 mentors from the MBB community in industries including music, technology, media, advertising and law.

After signing up, you’ll get an opportunity to:

  • Choose your own registered industry mentor, and receive 6 months of free mentoring
  • Have access to M&C Saatchi Saturday School Masterclass Sessions
  • Receive access to workshops and resources from brand partners
  • Participate in safe spaces and wellbeing sessions
  • Join industry networking groups and receive job offers
  • Participate in online training sessions with leading industry mentors
  • Connect with others in the ecosystem whilst meeting businesses and mentors on the programme

Eligibility and Application Process:

- Applicants must have at least one founder who identifies as black or mixed-race on their team
- Applications are open and ongoing

Apply here

M&C Saatchi Saturday School

The world-renowned advertising agency is behind this unique Saturday School designed to connect with communities around the world to share their methods of creative business. Through these classes, you will get the opportunity to learn the basics of business on your creative entrepreneurial journey. In response to the distress COVID-19 has put on small businesses, M&C Saatchi Saturday School has curated an online Masterclass Series where you can speak to world-leading business owners via Zoom sessions. 

Discover the full range of online classes developed especially for early-stage small businesses:

  • Business Planning: Learn how to use your resources to build a business geared towards revenue.
  • Getting Started with Digital Marketing: Learn how to develop your brand and attract more customers.
  • Wellbeing at Work: Learn effective ways to manage stress, burnout and imposter syndrome.
  • Business Finance Essentials: Learn how to keep your business finances organised.

Apply if you identify as:

  • Black Women
  • Women of Colour
  • Young people 16- 25

Classes start in January 2022.

Though open to all, M&C Saatchi wants to also ensure under-represented groups have access to training, opportunities and rewarding entrepreneurial careers.

Applications are open and ongoing

Apply here

Black Business Incubator

Are you an ambitious creative entrepreneur who is motivated to build your business skills to create sustainable growth? Do you have an impactful creative business that embraces innovation, pushes boundaries and uses new ways of thinking?

If you have a business within the creative sector, you can apply for the incubator programme to establish your enterprise.

Taking place at the prestigious Somerset House, the Black Business Incubator will help you unlock your full potential and allow your creative business to grow. The twelve-month programme provides a combination of hot-desking and project space as part of Somerset House’s extensive creative community. You will also benefit from free 6-month mentorship, workspaces and interactive masterclasses worth over £7000.

Explore the incubator perks 15 lucky creatives can enjoy during the 12-month programme:

  • Participate in a curated programme of skill-building events led by Black business leaders from across the creative industries, including entrepreneurs and experts from companies such as Pinterest, Spotify and Engine
  • Be matched with a mentor from the Somerset House resident community for a 6-month mentoring programme
  • Gain support with developing a personalised business growth plan
  • Learn through commercial challenges to help you develop sustainable business practices
  • Receive a monthly stipend for the first three months prior to the benefits of physical space being available
  • Access hot-desk facilities and bookable space for meetings/workshops/pitches, as soon as post-COVID 19 restrictions allow
  • Be part of the wider Somerset House resident community with access to all resident opportunities, events and skill-sharing

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Are a resident of Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth or Lewisham 
  • Identify as black or mixed-race, and are based in the UK 
  • Have launched a product or services business within the UK that is less than 3 years old
  • Operate within the creative sector: this includes fashion, film, media, design, photography, gaming, marketing and advertising
  • Are motivated to gain skills and knowledge to help you grow a profitable and sustainable business
  • Are passionate about building your network and engaging in a 6-month mentor relationship
  • Are of any age

Applications open October 2021 and are ongoing.

Apply here

To find out more about the Mentor Black Business, M&C Saatchi Saturday School and Black Business Incubator Programmes...

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