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Learn How to Build an App in 5 Minutes

Discover practical hacks for building your dream app!

In this workshop, Dan Parry (Co-Founder and Head of Product at Tectonic London) will guide you through the best no-code and low-code tools to build your app from zero to 80%. If you’re solving a real problem, 80% is more than enough to get you going.

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Overview of this Workshop

  1. Dan will explain what no-code is and how to use Glide
  2. Introduction to Kaggle.com and example data
  3. How to clean up data in Google sheets
  4. How Glideapps.com uses data
  5. Discussion on styling
  6. Guidance on which tools are on the market and suitability
  7. Dan will go through your ideas and be able to advise on the best tools to use.

This session is delivered by Dan Parry – Co-Founder and Head of Product at Tectonic London

Dan Parry is the co-founder of Tectonic, a customer research company in London and a no-code builder in the wellbeing space. Dan has built over twenty apps with tools like Glide, Zapier and Bubble in the last year alone. He is a member of a number of reputable No-Code communities including 100 Days Of No Code, On Deck No-Code, and Makerpad and runs two no-code Masterminds.

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